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Life Restoration: Rehabilitation Center in Borodyanka

Establishment of a rehabilitation center in Borodyanka aimed at providing qualified assistance and support to individuals needing health recovery. The project includes the delivery and installation of specialized rehabilitation equipment.

Scope of Work:

  • Determining the need for specialized rehabilitation equipment according to medical standards and recommendations.

  • Procurement and delivery of necessary equipment, including therapeutic beds, physiotherapy devices, and motion recovery trainers.

  • Equipment installation and setup within the center's premises.

Project Features:

  • Utilization of innovative technologies in rehabilitation to ensure high efficiency of treatment procedures.

  • Equipping the center with modern medical equipment that allows for a wide range of rehabilitation activities.

  • Adaptation of spaces to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.


To provide a comprehensive approach to the rehabilitation of individuals who have undergone injuries or surgical interventions, facilitating their rapid and effective recovery.


  • Creation of a detailed work plan, including stages from space design to the center's launch.

  • Collaboration with medical experts and therapists to ensure a scientifically grounded approach to rehabilitation.

  • Training of the center staff in the operation of new equipment and the provision of rehabilitation services.


The launch of the rehabilitation center in Borodyanka has provided accessibility and quality of rehabilitation services to the population, improving patients' quality of life. The center has become an essential part of the local medical infrastructure, offering necessary support in health recovery for citizens.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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