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Accessibility for All: Elevator for Disabled in Kyiv

This project involves installing an elevator for the disabled in Kyiv to enhance urban space accessibility for people with limited mobility. The initiative is supported by the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.

Scope of Work:

  • Conducting analysis to determine optimal locations for elevator installation based on accessibility and local residents' needs.

  • Purchasing and installing modern elevators that meet all safety and convenience standards.

  • Coordinating with local authorities to ensure compliance with national standards.

Project Features:

  • Use of innovative technologies to ensure easy access and safety for users.

  • Integration of the elevator into the existing infrastructure with minimal changes to the surrounding environment.

  • Consideration of the needs of all population groups, particularly those with special needs.


To provide unhindered access to public spaces for people with physical disabilities, enhancing their independence and social integration.


  • Organizing tenders to select the best suppliers and contractors.

  • Engaging the community and accessibility experts in planning and quality control of the installation.

  • Implementing a system for regular maintenance and monitoring of the elevator's condition.


The successful installation of the elevator has significantly improved accessibility for the disabled in Kyiv. The project not only provided greater inclusivity and independence for people with special needs but also set a benchmark for further initiatives to improve the city's infrastructure.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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