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Energy Support of the Donetsk Region

As part of improving energy security in the Donetsk region, the Vavilon-Group LLC delivered a high-power 270 kW generator, ensuring a stable energy supply for the village of Rivne.

Amount of work:

Provision of direct purchase of generators directly from the manufacturer.

Organization and management of the entire supply chain, including logistics and customs clearance.

Features of the Project:

Use of proprietary solutions to ensure equipment reliability during transportation.

Implementation of a risk minimization strategy, assuming all financial and logistical risks.

Task set:

Supporting the region's critical infrastructure with a reliable energy source.


Fast and efficient execution of all stages of the project, from planning to delivery and installation of equipment.


Provision of an important social object in the Donetsk region, which guarantees stable operation in the absence of centralized power supply.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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