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Energy independence for humanitarian operations

Vavilon-Group LLC successfully delivered 26 generators with a capacity of 120 kW for the needs of the International Red Cross and the Poltava Ministry of Emergency Situations, guaranteeing the reliability and autonomy of energy supply in critical conditions.

Amount of work:

Direct purchase and financing from the manufacturer.

Coordination of logistics, ensuring safe transportation and customs clearance of goods.

Features of the Project:

Full responsibility for the supply chain, from procurement to on-site delivery.

Specialized packaging and storage to ensure the integrity of the equipment during transport.

Task set:

Providing humanitarian missions with reliable sources of electricity to support vital functions.


Prompt solution of logistics and customs tasks to ensure timely delivery of generators.


Effective energy supply for the International Red Cross and the Ministry of Emergencies in Poltava, which allows them to continue saving and supporting lives in crisis regions.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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