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Energy independence of social institutions of Lviv region

Provision of reliable sources of electricity for socially significant objects in the Lviv region.

Amount of work:

  • Selection and purchase of generators of appropriate capacity

  • Logistics and transportation of equipment on trailers

  • Installation and adjustment of generators at installation sites

Features of the Project:

  • The use of generators of different capacities to meet the needs of various institutions

  • Mobility of the installation thanks to trailers

  • High reliability of equipment that meets safety and efficiency standards

Task: To guarantee uninterrupted power supply of important social institutions, especially in critical situations.


  • Creation of a detailed supply plan

  • Coordination with local authorities to determine installation points

  • Technical support and training of personnel to manage generators

Result: The completion of the project was the successful installation and start-up of the generators, providing hospitals, schools and other facilities with a reliable back-up power source that allows them to function without failures in all conditions.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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