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Protective shutters for anti-aircraft lights

A comprehensive solution for installing protective shutters for anti-aircraft lanterns of the assembly hall, which provides protection from external influences and control of room lighting.

Amount of work:

The project included the manufacture and installation of protective shutters for anti-aircraft lanterns, which are installed on the roof of the assembly hall. The work included surface preparation, electrical installation work and installation of roller shutter control mechanisms.

Features of the Project:

A feature of the project is the use of automated control systems to ensure ease of use and effective control of room lighting.

Task set:

The task was to create a reliable and durable solution for protection against external influences, such as bad weather and temperature changes, with the possibility of adjusting the level of natural lighting in the hall.


Successfully implemented the project, performing all work in accordance with technical specifications and established safety standards. Taking into account the architectural features of the building, the perfect fit of the blinds into the overall design was ensured.


Thanks to the installation of protective shutters, the assembly hall received reliable protection from external factors and the ability to control the lighting of the room, which increased its functionality and comfort for visitors and staff.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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