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Complex construction of a private residence in Chaika

Complete turnkey construction of a private residence, including foundation, roofing, engineering systems, interior decoration, landscape design and security systems.

Amount of work:

  • Foundation and frame: Development and construction of a reliable foundation, structural elements of the building, ensuring the strength and durability of structures.

  • Roofing works: Installation of a high-quality roof with a guarantee for long-term operation.

  • Plumbing: Installation of modern plumbing, including heating, ventilation, water supply and electricity.

  • Finishes: Interior and exterior finishes to the highest quality standards, using durable and aesthetic materials.

  • Landscaping: Creating a unique landscape design that blends harmoniously into the overall look of the residence and surrounding environment.

  • Security systems: Installation of robust security systems, including burglar alarms, video surveillance and access control to ensure maximum protection for residents.

Project Features: Each phase of the project is carefully planned and executed taking into account the individual wishes of the customer, focusing on quality, aesthetics, functionality and safety. The use of innovative technologies and materials ensures energy efficiency and comfort of the future house.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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