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Comprehensive Provision of Tablets for IOM

We effectively directly procured and delivered 1,816 tablets for the International Organization for Migration, assuming all logistical and customs risks.

Amount of work:

Direct purchase of tablets from the manufacturer in China using the company's own financial resources.

Organization of a complete logistics chain, including transportation, customs clearance and delivery of goods to IOM.

Features of the Project:

Full financial and operational assumption of procurement and delivery risks.

High level of responsibility and control at every stage of the project.

Task set:

Securely provide IOM with technical equipment to support their global operations.


Painstaking work was done to preserve the integrity of the equipment and timely delivery to the final beneficiary.


IOM received the necessary tablets on time and in full configuration, ready for use, which allowed the organization to increase the efficiency of its work and promptly respond to the challenges of international migration.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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