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Delivery of reverse osmosis systems for the city of Odesa

We successfully delivered twenty advanced reverse osmosis systems for water purification in the city of Odesa, supporting local needs for clean drinking water.

Amount of work:

The project included an analysis of the needs of the city of Odesa in reverse osmosis systems, the selection of optimal equipment, the direct purchase of equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as the organization of logistics and customs clearance for the delivery of systems to Ukraine.

Features of the Project:

Reverse osmosis systems have been specially selected to meet high standards of quality and efficiency, able to handle significant volumes of water supply and ensure a stable supply of clean drinking water.

Task set:

Provide the city of Odesa with reliable and efficient reverse osmosis systems to improve the quality of drinking water and meet modern environmental standards.


By implementing the project, Babylon Group took over all aspects of supply – from the selection of equipment to its delivery and installation, including all risks associated with international logistics.


Effective implementation of reverse osmosis systems significantly improved the quality of water supply in Odessa, raising the living standards of local residents and contributing to the ecological well-being of the region.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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