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Delivery of specialized trailers for the United Nations

The project for the supply of six specialized trailers intended for the transportation of generators to the regions of Kyiv, Kyiv region and Vinnytsia.

Amount of work:

Production and supply of six high-strength trailers for reliable transportation of generators.

Features of the Project:

Trailers are equipped with safety and stabilization systems to ensure safe transportation.

Trailer designs are developed taking into account the specifics of generators, which ensures their stability and ease of use.

Task set:

To ensure prompt delivery of generators in conditions of increased requirements for mobility and reliability.


Purchase and manufacture of trailers was carried out directly from the manufacturer, which allowed us to control quality and compliance with technical requirements.

Successful execution of logistics and customs clearance, thereby guaranteeing full responsibility for the project.


Timely delivery and placement of generators in the specified locations.

Increasing the efficiency of emergency and regular operational tasks of the UN.

Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction thanks to the reliability and durability of the supplied equipment.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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