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Design and installation of the Chaika heating system

Development and installation of an advanced heating system for the "Chaika" residential complex, which includes underfloor heating and radiators with high heat output.

Amount of work:

Development of the technical design of the heating system, adapted to the specific conditions and requirements of the customer.

Installation of underfloor heating and radiators, including all necessary piping and controls.

Features of the Project:

The use of modern materials with high thermal conductivity and durability.

Integration of the system into the general infrastructure of the building with minimal intervention in existing structures.

Task set:

Provide efficient and economical heating of premises, increasing comfort and energy efficiency.


Direct ordering of equipment and materials from the manufacturer, guaranteeing optimal prices and quality.

Comprehensive logistics and customs clearance, which allowed all components to be delivered without delays and ensure timely installation.


Creation of a complete heating system that meets modern standards of comfort and energy efficiency.

Improvement of living conditions for residents due to uniform distribution of heat.

A significant reduction in heating costs thanks to the use of innovative solutions.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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