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Restoration of the facade with copper elements

The facade restoration project, carried out by Vavilon Group LLC, includes a major renovation of the exterior of the building with unique decorative elements made of copper, which emphasizes the architectural uniqueness and aesthetic appeal of the object.

Amount of work:

The project included a complete restoration of the facade, including preparatory work, plastering, painting and installation of copper elements. The works were carried out in compliance with the historical style of the building, as well as taking into account modern requirements for design and durability.

Features of the project:

The main feature of the project is the use of copper, a material with high anti-corrosion properties and aesthetic appeal, which ensures durability and an impeccable appearance of the facade.

The task:

The main goal of the project was not only to restore worn-out structures, but also to give the facade a modern look using traditional materials that fit harmoniously into the overall architectural concept of the district.


The project was implemented using modern technologies and restoration techniques. The works were carried out by experienced Vavilon Group LLC specialists who used innovative approaches to ensure the highest quality.


The completed project demonstrates the revival of the building's historic appearance, ensuring its durability and aesthetic appeal. Copper elements became a distinctive feature of the facade, emphasizing the high professionalism and attention to detail characteristic of Vavilon Group LLC.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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