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Sliding systems in the assembly hall for the Police

The project included the design and installation of large-scale sliding systems in the assembly hall of the police department, aimed at increasing the functionality and multi-purpose use of the space.

Amount of work:

The Vavilon-Group LLC team performed a full range of works, which included measurements, manufacturing and installation of sliding systems, as well as integration with the existing engineering and electrical systems of the premises.

Features of the Project:

The peculiarity of this project is the creation of a multifunctional space that can be transformed with the help of sliding systems for various events and needs of police activity.

Task set:

The task was to create an adaptive space that could be quickly reorganized without wasting time and effort of the staff, ensuring efficient use of the assembly hall.


The project was implemented, taking into account the specifics of the use of the premises by the police. All work was carried out taking into account high safety and quality standards.


The result was the creation of a modern, safe and flexible assembly hall that meets all the requirements of the police department and provides a high level of adaptation for various events. The project demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship and the ability of Babylon Group to solve complex engineering and architectural tasks.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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