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Import of Cranes and Trailers from China

This project involves the import of the SANY STC1000C7-8 crane and specialized trailers from China to Ukraine to support the needs of the construction industry, enhancing efficiency and productivity on large-scale construction projects.

Scope of Work:

  • Organization of international logistics for importing heavy equipment: the SANY STC1000C7-8 crane with a capacity of 100 tons and a speed of 80 km/h, along with two trailer models, Loader Semi-trailer trawl TONGYA TY-231019-WTY9400 and Low Body semi-trailer trawl TONGYA TY-231019-WTY9401TDP1.

  • Ensuring customs clearance and compliance of all imported units with Ukrainian standards.

  • Coordination of delivery to the final recipients in Ukraine.

Project Features:

  • Use of multimodal transport routes for delivery efficiency and cost reduction.

  • Close collaboration with Chinese suppliers to ensure high quality of equipment.

  • Planning and control over all import stages, from manufacturing to delivery on-site.


To enhance the capabilities of Ukraine’s construction industry by introducing modern heavy equipment, which will improve the efficiency of construction processes.


  • Establishment of clear communication lines with all participants in the logistic chain.

  • Monitoring the condition of the equipment at each stage of delivery to ensure its integrity and readiness for operation upon arrival.

  • Training client personnel for optimal use of the new equipment.


The successful import of the crane and trailers significantly improved the logistical and operational capabilities on Ukrainian construction sites, providing companies with tools for more efficient construction activities, as well as reducing time and costs.

Фотогалерея Проекту

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