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Installation of a BAUDOUIN Diesel Generator in Brovary

This project involves the installation of an 88 kVA (64 kW) BAUDOUIN diesel generator to provide independent power supply to a private residence in Brovary. The generator will ensure stable electricity and autonomy for the property.

Scope of Work:

  • Analyzing and preparing the installation site, including evaluating the need for land and construction work.

  • Procuring the BAUDOUIN diesel generator and all necessary components for its installation and connection.

  • Installing the generator, conducting tests, and adjusting settings for optimal performance.

Project Features:

  • Utilization of a high-quality BAUDOUIN diesel generator, known for its reliability and efficiency.

  • Development of a power supply system that considers all household needs and can automatically activate during grid outages.

  • Integration of safety measures to prevent emergencies during generator operation.


To ensure continuous and independent electricity supply for the house, enhancing living comfort and safety through a reliable energy source.


  • Selecting the supplier and installer based on their experience and reputation.

  • Conducting regular checks and maintenance of the equipment to ensure its stable operation.

  • Training the household in effective generator management and response to potential technical issues.


The installation of the BAUDOUIN diesel generator significantly improved the energy autonomy and independence of the residence in Brovary, providing a reliable power source even during grid outages. This has increased living comfort and safety for the homeowners and reduced dependence on external factors affecting the local energy system.

Photo gallery of the Project

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