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Elevator Installation for the Mobility Impaired in Boryslav

This project focuses on installing an elevator for people with limited mobility in Boryslav, Drohobych District, Lviv Region, to ensure barrier-free access to public and private buildings.

Scope of Work:

  • Conducting a site analysis to ensure compliance with all technical and safety requirements.

  • Procuring and transporting the elevator to the installation site.

  • Installing the elevator, including preparatory works to reinforce the building structures where the equipment will be installed.

  • Testing and adjusting the elevator to ensure its smooth operation.

Project Features:

  • Utilization of modern lifting systems that provide a high level of safety and convenience for users.

  • Integration of the elevator into the existing building infrastructure with minimal alterations and maximum preservation of its architectural appearance.

  • Compliance with all national and international accessibility standards for persons with disabilities.


To provide people with limited mobility easy and convenient access to different floors of the building, promoting their social integration and enhancing their quality of life.


  • Selecting an equipment supplier capable of delivering high quality and reliability.

  • Collaborating with local authorities and specialists to coordinate all technical aspects and obtain necessary permits.

  • Training staff on the proper use and maintenance of the elevator.


The installation of the elevator significantly improved building accessibility for people with limited mobility in Borislav. The project enhanced the level of convenience and safety for users, fostering their social integration and independence.

Photo gallery of the Project

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