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Protective fences for the reception of the Red Cross

The project for the manufacture and installation of protective fences for the reception areas of the Red Cross, ensuring the safety of employees and visitors.

Project Description: In response to the needs of the Red Cross to provide additional security measures, Vavilon Group LLC designed, manufactured and installed protective fences in the reception areas. This helps to create a safe environment for communication between staff and guests of the organization.

Features of the project:

  • Materials: Using strong and transparent materials for clear visibility and protection.

  • Design: Modern and ergonomic design that takes into account the comfort and functionality of the workplace.

  • Functionality: Fences are equipped with the necessary elements for the comfortable work of personnel, such as built-in compartments and storage surfaces.

  • Safety: Resistance to physical effects and ease of disinfection, which is critical for medical facilities.

Vavilon Group LLC demonstrates its ability to solve complex tasks by offering individual solutions that fully meet the client's requirements, ensuring quality and reliability at every stage of project implementation.

Photo gallery of the Project

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