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Reliable De-watering: Honda Water Pumps for Zaporizhzhia

The implementation of Honda water pumps in Zaporizhzhia, aimed at providing effective water de-watering in flood-prone areas, enhancing the city's emergency preparedness and reducing public safety risks.

Scope of Work:

  • Purchase of a large batch of Honda water pumps specialized for rapid and efficient water de-watering.

  • Delivery of equipment to specified locations in Zaporizhzhia, ensuring their readiness for immediate use.

  • Setup and testing of the equipment on-site to guarantee functionality under critical conditions.

Project Features:

  • Utilization of powerful Honda water pumps capable of efficiently de-watering large volumes of water, regardless of situation complexity.

  • Flexibility and mobility in use, allowing for quick response to needs in different parts of the city.

  • Reliability and durability of the equipment, able to withstand intensive use in extreme conditions.


To ensure that Zaporizhzhia has reliable equipment for rapid water de-watering in flood-prone areas, thereby minimizing damages from potential natural disasters.


  • Collaboration with local authorities to ensure proper placement of equipment in strategically important points.

  • Conducting training sessions for emergency services involved in flood mitigation.

  • Creation of a rapid response system for the quickest possible deployment of pumps in needed locations.


Thanks to the implementation of Honda water pumps, Zaporizhzhia has significantly improved its ability to respond quickly and effectively to flooding. The project has not only reduced health and property risks for citizens but also enhanced the city’s overall preparedness for natural disasters.

Photo gallery of the Project

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