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Fence for a shopping center in Korostyshev

The project involved the design and installation of stainless steel fencing for the mall's exterior, combining aesthetic appeal with durability and security.

Amount of work:

We developed and performed complex works, including the manufacture, supply and installation of a fence that meets the architectural style and functional requirements of the object.

Features of the Project:

The uniqueness of the project lies in the creation of a fence that not only provides security, but also meets high aesthetic standards, emphasizing the style and status of the shopping center.

Task set:

Design and install a fence that would not only fulfill its immediate functions, but would also organically fit into the general landscape and architecture of the retail space.


The task was carried out with a high level of professionalism, using the highest quality materials and ensuring precision in every element of the design.


The ready-made fence became the business card of the shopping center, providing not only safety and convenience for visitors, but also serving as an additional element of the attractiveness of the commercial object. The project was implemented efficiently, with high quality and in a short time, which demonstrates the reliability and competence of the company in solving engineering tasks of any complexity.

Photo gallery of the Project

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