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Renovation of the floor covering of industrial premises

A complex project, which included the supply and professional installation of industrial carpet and linoleum, is designed for an area of 3,000 square meters.

Amount of work:

Supply of high-quality carpet and linoleum for industrial floors.

Installation of floor coverings with high resistance to wear and ease of maintenance.

Features of the Project:

The use of modern laying technologies to ensure a flat and seamless surface.

Aesthetic appearance and additional sound insulation thanks to the chosen coating.

Task set:

Improvement of working conditions and aesthetic appearance of industrial spaces.

Providing a durable and reliable floor covering.


Strategic purchase of materials directly from manufacturers at the expense of the company's own funds.

Efficient logistics and customs clearance, with all risks placed on us.


A floor covering that is resistant to intensive use and meets all safety and comfort standards.

High level of customer satisfaction with the appearance and functionality of the coating.

Floors that withstand high loads and are easy to care for, which is confirmed by long-term service and low operating costs.

Photo gallery of the Project

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