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Updating and equipping the sports hall of the Patrol Police Academy

Complete reconstruction of the sports hall with further equipping with modern simulators to improve the physical training of the patrol police of Ukraine.

Amount of work:

Complete reconstruction of the existing space of the sports hall.

Supply and installation of professional sports equipment and simulators.

Features of the Project:

Creating a modern and functional space using quality materials and equipment.

Adaptation of the hall for various types of training and physical exercises.

Task set:

Creation of conditions for comprehensive development of physical qualities of cadets and police officers.

Ensuring a high level of safety and comfort during training.


Purchase of equipment directly from leading manufacturers.

Synchronization of logistics and assembly processes to optimize project execution time.


The sports hall meets modern standards and is ready for intensive training.

Improved conditions for training personnel's physical readiness.

Meeting high demands for the quality and durability of sports equipment.

Photo gallery of the Project

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