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Updating the infrastructure of the Holosiiv Police Department

Complete equipment of the Holosiiv police department with modern entrance groups and internal doors using aluminum and metal, which ensures the safety and functionality of the premises.

Amount of work:

  • Development of individual design of door blocks

  • Production of aluminum and metal doors

  • Installation of doors taking into account technical and safety requirements

Features of the Project:

  • Aesthetic appearance and increased strength of materials

  • Integration with police department security systems

  • Production of specialized doors for interrogation rooms and detainees' cells

Task: Creating a reliable and safe environment for employees and visitors of the police department.


  • Strict adherence to technical specifications and standards

  • Coordination with the police to ensure the functionality of the installation

  • Professional installation and testing in the conditions of a working police department

Result: Successful integration of door systems, which meets high security requirements and gives the police the necessary means to ensure order and lawfulness in the Holosiiv district.

Photo gallery of the Project

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