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Optimization and modernization of the facade of the building for the Patrol Police

The project was implemented to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the exterior of the building used by the Patrol Police through the installation of the latest window systems and facade glazing.

Amount of work:

Dismantling of old window blocks and facade elements.

Installation of energy-efficient window structures and modern facade glazing.

Features of the Project:

Use of high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability of structures.

Application of modern glazing technologies, which contribute to better insulation and illumination of premises.

Task set:

Create a safe and comfortable space for police officers to work.

Increase the energy efficiency of the building and its appearance.


Planning and execution of works in accordance with modern standards of the construction industry.

Coordination of delivery of equipment and materials directly from the manufacturer.


Aesthetically attractive and functional facade, which provides better thermal insulation.

Increased comfort and workplace safety for employees.

Lower operating costs for heating and air conditioning.

Photo gallery of the Project

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