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Lighting Tower for the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Dnipro

We completed the supply and delivery of a modern lighting tower for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the city of Dnipro, providing highly efficient lighting for night rescue operations and other emergency measures.

Amount of work:

Ensuring high-quality packaging and reliable fixation of the lighting tower for transportation.

Transportation of the tower from the manufacturer to the final destination in Dnipro.

Coordination with logistics and rescue services for timely delivery.

Features of the Project:

The tower is equipped with powerful LED spotlights that provide high-quality lighting.

Mobility and ease of installation allow you to quickly respond to changes in the operational environment.

Task set:

Providing the Ministry of Emergencies with reliable equipment to provide lighting during emergency operations at night.


The project was implemented in strict accordance with the customer's requirements and safety standards.


The light tower was delivered on time and is already in use by the Ministry of Emergencies to support the smooth operation of rescue teams, especially during night operations, ensuring the safety and efficiency of their operations.

Photo gallery of the Project

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