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Supply of a High-Efficiency Diesel Forklift

Supporting the Ukrainian energy infrastructure through the supply of a high-efficiency diesel forklift. This project is aimed at ensuring speed and efficiency in the maneuvering of energy equipment, playing a key role in maintaining the country's power supply.

Scope of Work:

  • Selection and procurement of a high-efficiency diesel forklift, tailored to the needs of the energy sector.

  • Logistics and transportation of the forklift to the designated activity location in Ukraine.

  • Conducting comprehensive training for personnel on the operation and maintenance of the forklift.

Project Features:

  • Efficient and reliable equipment that ensures maximum productivity with minimal fuel consumption.

  • Flexibility in use under various operating conditions, capable of adapting to the specific tasks of the energy sector.

  • High levels of safety and ergonomics, ensuring convenience and operator safety during operation.


To increase the efficiency of maneuvering and transporting energy equipment in critical conditions, contributing to the stability of the country's energy supply.


  • Development of a detailed supply plan and commissioning of the forklift.

  • Coordination with relevant organizations and energy companies to optimize the use of the forklift.

  • Organization of technical support and service maintenance, ensuring long-term efficiency and reliability in operation.


Successful implementation of the diesel forklift in Ukraine's energy sector, significantly improving logistics and efficiency in handling energy equipment. The project has enhanced the resilience of the country's energy system, allowing for rapid response to challenges and maintaining reliable power supply.

Photo gallery of the Project

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