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Enhancing Energy Supply Efficiency: Aerial Platforms for Zaporizhzhia Oblenergo

The project involves supplying two aerial platforms based on ISUZU chassis with a 34-meter boom to Zaporizhzhia Oblenergo, aimed at improving the execution of high-altitude works in the energy supply sector. This will enhance the reliability and safety of the energy infrastructure.

Scope of Work:

  • Procurement and delivery of two high-performance aerial platforms based on the ISUZU chassis with a 34-meter boom.

  • Comprehensive testing and adjustment of the equipment before deployment.

  • Organizing the delivery of the aerial platforms to Zaporizhzhia, coordinating with Zaporizhzhia Oblenergo to ensure a smooth transition and integration of the equipment.

Project Features:

  • Selection of aerial platforms with an ISUZU chassis for their reliability and durability, ensuring safety and stability during high-altitude operations.

  • The 34-meter boom allows access to hard-to-reach areas, which is critical for the maintenance and repair of energy lines.

  • The equipment is equipped with modern safety systems to minimize risks during high-altitude operations.


To provide Zaporizhzhia Oblenergo with reliable and efficient equipment for performing high-altitude works, facilitating rapid and safe maintenance of the energy infrastructure.


  • Selection of an appropriate supplier considering technical requirements and budget constraints.

  • Conducting on-site equipment trials before delivery to test all functions and safety features.

  • Training Zaporizhzhia Oblenergo personnel for effective use of the new aerial platforms.


The successful deployment of the two aerial platforms significantly improved Zaporizhzhia Oblenergo's capabilities in conducting repair and maintenance works at height, ensuring greater efficiency and safety in managing the region's energy supply needs.

Photo gallery of the Project

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