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Creation of a modular warehouse with sandwich panels

The project of the Vavilon Group LLC consists in the production of a functional modular warehouse equipped with sandwich panels, which ensures efficient use of space and optimization of storage conditions.

Amount of work:

The project included the installation of a modular warehouse, including design, frame construction and installation of insulating sandwich panels. The works were performed taking into account the specifics of storage and the customer's logistical needs.

Features of the project:

The project is distinguished by its modularity, which allows you to quickly adapt the warehouse to the changing needs of the business. The use of sandwich panels guarantees high heat and sound insulation, as well as additional fire resistance.

The task:

The goal of the project is to create a cost-effective and energy-saving solution for the customer's warehouse needs, which also maximally simplifies the processes of logistics and inventory management.


The project was implemented by a team of experienced specialists who used advanced technologies and materials, ensuring a high speed of installation and the quality of the work performed.


Completion of the project allowed the customer to optimize the production space and ensured an increase in storage capacity. The creation of a modular warehouse with sandwich panels demonstrates Vavilon Group's LLC commitment to innovation and responsibility to customers, despite all the logistical and customs risks assumed during the implementation of the project.

Photo gallery of the Project

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