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All-glass Partitions

Implementation of the project of installing all-glass partitions on an area of 300m2, which is designed to create a sense of space and ensure zoning without loss of light in office premises.

Amount of work:

Comprehensive works were carried out, which included measurements, design, manufacture and installation of all-glass partitions using high-quality tempered glass.

Features of the Project:

A feature of the project is the use of modern glazing technologies, which allow to preserve visual transparency as much as possible and at the same time provide the necessary sound insulation for office premises.

Task set:

Ensuring effective zoning of the space with minimal interference in the existing infrastructure and preservation of light and open office space.


The project was implemented in compliance with all technical requirements and in strict accordance with the specified terms, ensuring high quality of installation.


Thanks to the installed partitions, a balance was achieved between privacy and openness of the working areas, while preserving the aesthetic appearance of the interior and ensuring the convenience of using the space.

Photo gallery of the Project

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