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Modern Facade: Complete Glazing of the Building

This project involves updating the building facade through full glazing, including replacing old windows with modern glass panels to improve aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Scope of Work:

  • Removal of old window structures and facade elements.

  • Designing and manufacturing new glass panels that meet modern architectural requirements.

  • Installation of the new glass panels, ensuring a high level of thermal and sound insulation.

Project Features:

  • Use of high-efficiency energy-saving glass to reduce energy costs.

  • Creation of a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing exterior facade that integrates with the urban landscape.

  • Application of innovative glass technologies that ensure durability and resistance to atmospheric conditions.


To modernize the appearance of the building and significantly enhance its energy efficiency, improving comfort for visitors and employees.


  • Planning and execution of work according to schedule, coordination with designers and engineers.

  • Utilization of modern installation methods to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

  • Conducting thorough testing of all installed systems for airtightness and insulation properties.


The completion of the project resulted in the creation of a highly efficient and visually attractive facade, which not only increased the value of the building but also enhanced its energy efficiency and overall comfort for users.

Photo gallery of the Project

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