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Securing Chop: Installation of Ajax Alarm Systems

This project involves the installation of the Ajax security alarm system in Chop city, incorporating advanced technological solutions to ensure a high level of security for local facilities.

Scope of Work:

  • Conducting diagnostics and preparatory works at the facilities for system installation.

  • Choosing optimal locations for the installation of motion sensors, magnetic door and window sensors, and other components of the Ajax system.

  • Installation of central equipment and connecting all components to the central management system.

Project Features:

  • Use of advanced Ajax technologies that provide reliable protection and ease of system management.

  • System configuration for maximum coverage of all potential access points using minimal equipment.

  • Implementation of wireless technologies which simplify installation and maintain the aesthetic appearance of premises after installation.


To provide comprehensive protection of facilities in Chop with a modern security system capable of detecting unauthorized access and responding quickly to threats.


  • Collaboration with Ajax technical specialists to ensure correct installation and configuration of the system.

  • Training facility staff on effective use of the security system and rapid response to notifications.

  • Conducting system test runs to check its functionality under various conditions.


The successful implementation of the Ajax alarm system has significantly enhanced the security level in Chop, reducing the risk of unauthorized actions and providing peace of mind to local residents and business owners. The system allows for prompt detection of intrusion attempts and enables remote monitoring of facility conditions.

Photo gallery of the Project

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